The jump into "cold water"
could also be refreshing.

We will pass you the hand towel.

Your diving board to self-employment

Ideal planning and preparation for setting up business

Being one’s own boss, freely allocate one’s own working hours, develop and realize one’s own ideas: If you take the jump into the self-employment you should not underestimate the way from the idea to the set-up. With our extensive consultancy and services, we pave your way.

Proficient support through all phases
Starting from the idea...
  •  evaluation of business idea
  •  market-, competition and sectoral analysis
  •  concept and business plan
  •  Umsatz – Rentabilitätsvorschau
  •  assistance in the application for further subsidies and public grants
  •  official administration work
over the details ...
  • search for suitable sites
  • selection of employees
  • creation of prices and concepts
  • development of corporate principles
  • examination of loans and fundings
  • arrangement of contacts
up to the strengthening ...
  • planning of capital requirements, investments and turnover
  • Liquidity and profit planning
  • strategy development and optimization
  • regular support and advise